Privacy Policy

This document concerns the description of the Protection of Personal Data Policy of the apilore.com website, owned by the company Apilore S.L., domiciled at Quinta de Machado S/N Ctra N-IV, Écija (Sevilla ) and NIF B41885815.

We inform users of apilore.com that personal data which may be collected through our electronic forms can be processed by Apilore S.L. and that, under current legislation, it is duly registered in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency.

This communication constitutes your understanding and acceptance that Apilore S.L. can collect personal data through the electronic forms found on apilore.com and you agree and consent to the company’s processing of such data.

1. Data collection

Data are collected only through our electronic forms, or through the different email addresses made available to users. In no case will apilore.com host “cookies” on the user’s device, either its own or those of third parties, except for so-called “Technical Cookies”. This type of “cookies”, which are essential for the functioning of apilore.com, are automatically generated by the system and in no case can be used as a means to collect any personal data.

In those forms where personal data is collected, the user will be informed of those fields that are obligatory and without which the request cannot be carried out. Unless otherwise indicated, the answers to these questions are not mandatory; they are voluntary without this resulting in a lower quality of the services provided on the website. The user must ensure the integrity and accuracy of the data provided to us and, in case of error, undertake to modify such data as well as update these data in case changes or modifications occur. Apilore S.L. cannot be responsible for errors due to providing incorrect information or not updating the data that the user has registered.

Apilore S.L. ensures that user data are processed and saved confidentially and that they have taken all possible precautions so that these data are stored in a secure manner. Likewise, a confidentiality agreement signed and recognized by any person belonging to Apilore S.L. and who may have access to personal data of users is guaranteed.

2. Transmission of data

Apilore.com has not implemented any system of encrypted communication between client and server, so the data collected in forms on apilore.com are sent to our servers as plain text; that is, unencrypted. Therefore, the information transmitted through the forms on apilore.com is vulnerable to interception by third parties through different methods.

It is the user’s responsibility on apilore.com to take the necessary precautions to prevent third parties from having access to the transmitted data.

If the user decides not to use the electronic forms available apilore.com, the email address info@apilore.com is available to you. In this case, you must provide Apilore S.L. all the information necessary for Apilore S.L. to be able to generate and send a reply to your inquiry. Communications made through this medium will have the same effect as those made through the forms.

It is understood that, if the user uses any of the different email addresses made available by apilore.com for this purpose in order to communicate with Apilore S.L., it is the user who assumes full responsibility for both the information sent as well as the communication channel used. It is also understood that if the user decides to use electronic forms on apilore.com, they understand and accept the risks arising from sending unencrypted information, and also to take the necessary precautions to prevent or minimize the risk of interception of personal data by third persons outside of Apilore S.L. and apilore.com.

3. Processing of provided data

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy and subsequent sending any of form that the user can fill out on the apilore.com website, constitutes your express authorization to process the data provided. Such processing is described below.

The processing to which these data can be subjected is always in order to respond to any questions or concerns that are presented through apilore.com. To do this, Apilore S.L. will need to process and consult the personal data that the user has provided through different electronic website forms or email addresses belonging to Apilore S.L. and offered on apilore.com for this purpose.

We inform users that the processing of data always has the sole purpose of providing the services they have requested and that at no time will it be sold or offered to third parties in order to gain some financial reward in return. The purpose of processing the data centers on:

a)     Providing users with the information they have requested themselves

b)     Solving problems that arise from the use of apilore.com

c)     Maintaining the relationship between the user and Apilore S.L.

4. Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition

The user who owns the personal data is entitled to access their personal data and to take appropriate action under the terms and limitations set out in the current regulations.

apilore.com offers users the following email address: info@apilore.com. Through this email address, the user may easily exercise their rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition of their personal data.

To accomplish this, the user should contact Apilore S.L. by the email address given above, indicating the specific right they wish to exercise.

For Opposition, the user has the option to object to their personal data being used either in whole or in one or more of the processes described in the above item (Item 3, sections a, b and c), remaining available for all other processes reported in that section. The user will have to report on which process or processes they wish to exclude in this case. According to the Data Protection Act, it will be necessary for the user who wants to exclude the service to provide some type of document (national identity card, passport or similar identification document) to prove that they are the person they claim to be. They will be excluded from the records in the timeframes and ways established by Law.

5. Transfer

The data provided by the user will at no time be exchanged or sold to third parties in order to speculate on the personal information provided by users.

However, Apilore S.L. reserves the right to disclose personal data when absolutely necessary to comply with legal requirements, prevent acts that might be illegal, enforce the policies specified on apilore.com and respond to claims with reference to vulnerability of rights of third parties. It also reserves the right to disclose information to preserve the rights and safety of any other person.

Apilore S.L. may reveal personal data at the request of the public authorities who require it in accordance with the applicable laws at all times.

Exceptionally and only in order to improve the online services we provide, Apilore S.L. may transfer data to other companies that require it, companies such as website services or statistical calculations. However, prior to that transfer, the user shall be informed of such actions, with the right to oppose without assuming any hindrance to their use of the web services provided on apilore.com.

If Apilore S.L. participates in a merger or the transfer of assets and liabilities or any other corporate restructuring operation referred to in commercial law, the personal data of our Users could be shared with all those companies at that time belonging to the Business Group.

The Company cautions third parties of the responsibility that would be incurred by unauthorized use of the contents of this website for personal gain, committing crimes of copyright, trademark, patents, confidential information or violating any other intellectual and/or industrial property rights.