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AVOCADO HONEY is a very dark honey, typical of Granada, Malaga and the Canary Islands. The flavor is very particular, sweet but with many nuances, and the texture is soft and liquid. It is widely used in the kitchen because it combines very well with cheese, cod, lamb, baked pork...
It has high water content and is difficult to crystallize.


HONEY OF EUCALYPTUS has a very aromatic balsamic odor, a hallmark of any product from the eucalyptus, and with a strong flavor, very concentrated, slightly woody.


The THYME HONEY, of amber color, pulling dark when it crystallizes, although it has little tendency to crystallize and when it does it shows coarse granulation. The most characteristic is its intense aroma, with soft and sweet flavors that linger in the mouth.


HEATHER HONEY, it is thick and dark amber. It can be taken diluted in liquids (coffee, infusions, milk ...) or over sweets.


ORANGE BLOSSOM HONEY comes from the nectar of citrus fruits: lemon, orange, clementine ... Light color, thick texture, mild flavor and a certain aroma of orange blossom. It has a very solid texture because of the large amount of sugar it has and usually solidifies.


CANTUESO HONEY crystallizes slowly, is very light amber, and has soft floral aromas and sweet taste with some acidic note.
It is a honey harvested in spring and very typical of Andalusia.


The CHESTNUT HONEY is one of the stationary honeys, only obtainable from May to July approximately. It has a slightly acid taste with a bitter but soft touch. Its coloration can range from dark yellow, amber, reaching black and is difficult to crystallize.


The OAK HONEY is dense and very dark, almost black, this is due to the high percentage of iron it has. It has an intense aroma and a stronger flavor than other honeys.


HONEY OF FLOWERS also called multifloral or THOUSAND FLOWERS, is the one elaborated by the bees from the nectar of the flowers of several vegetable species and does not have any of them over the others.


LAVENDER HONEY also called lavender, with a nuanced amber color, fluid consistency and a pleasant flavor. It has an intense aroma thanks to the penetrating aromatic of the flower. We can find it coming from different areas of Spain where this flower grows in the fields abundantly.


STRAWBERRY TREES HONEY is bitter and dark in color, becoming reddish brown when it crystallizes and it does it quickly and with a coarse grain.
It is a very scarce honey and it can be said that it is pure medicine, with a bitter but very healthy touch.


OAK HONEY is dark in color and solidifies with more difficulty. It has a bitter taste, very intense compared to other honeys. This is due to how rich it is in iron and minerals.


ROSEMARY HONEY, very aromatic shrub, is one of the most popular in the Iberian Peninsula. It is a honey of a characteristic light color very appreciated.


The highest proportion of FRESH REAL JELLY incorporated in a SELECTED HONEY base. The perfect combination since honey sweetens jelly and also provides its energetic properties.


Propolis is a product that bees produce with wax and resins that certain trees produce to protect, from pests and insects, their younger parts such as buds.


It is the special food of the Queen Bee. Royal Jelly produces extraordinary physiological changes in this bee, giving it an almost incredible vitality and longevity compared to those that are not fed in this way. A working bee, which does not receive royal jelly, lives about 3 months in the colony, however, a sister of his who receives royal jelly will become Queen Bee and will live more than 3 years.


It is a masterful mix of specially selected items of Pollen, Honey and Royal Jelly fresh in high proportions, according to an exclusive method of APILORE. Its careful craftsmanship makes it a perfectly stable and unalterable product. The best way to take the products of bees in a single preparation: royal jelly as a biological and energetic stimulant, pollen as energizing and revitalizing and propolis as a natural antibiotic.


We have bee pollen, in season, harvested in the area, dried and conditioned under strictly controlled conditions to preserve its high quality.

 Its floral origin is usually of cistus, holm oaks and chestnuts.

 Upon request we can serve fresh and granulated pollen.

The multivitamin and multimineral complex, totally natural, more complete than is known. The pollen is collected by the bees directly from the flowers and the only process that has suffered is a careful drying in a current of warm air.