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TIMOL: Biological powder treatment against varroa mites.

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Biological product in powder form for the treatment of varroa (100 gr). Thymol is usually effective if the queen is new (because she controls the colony better with her pheromones), if the hive is strong (because it will be well ventilated and avoid high doses of thymol gas) and if there is little or no brood (because the operculum hinders the performance of thymol).

It should be noted that at high temperatures, over 30°C, it evaporates too much (unless mixed with oil). If it evaporates too much, you will achieve the opposite effect since it would distort the balance of scents affecting their behavior, generating productivity losses and even potentially leading to abandonment of the population.

How to use:

One way of applying Thymol powder is by mixing it with olive oil or paraffin to form a paste, and then permeate the wooden or cardboard tablets with it. The dose depends on the temperature of the season and application method, but ranges from 8-20g per hive. It should be applied during one month, repeating every 10-15 days. DO NOT apply by sprinkling directly on bees, as this would cause toxicity to the bees and brood.


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