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Fureto / FOGGER Nebulizer. Varroa treatment. WITH BUTANE CHARGER INCLUDED.

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Fureto / FOGGER Nebulizer for Varroa, lightweight and easy to handle when powered by a small gas bottle.

(see article 0906431).

This device reduces the product to treat Varroa in microscopic particles in the form of fog.

Examples of various treatments:

70-100 gr. of Timol in 1L. of liquid Vaseline, mix well without exceeding 70º, repeat treatment after 12 days.

10-15 gr.de Oxalic acid in 100 ml. of glycerin, mix well without exceeding 70º, repeat treatment after 12 days.

(These data are by way of illustrative, non-binding example).

IMPORTANT Always use gloves, goggles and protective masks when handling any treatment for your safety.

USE: Fill the transparent tank of the Fogger with the solution to treat its hives and put it in its corresponding place, then also put the gas bottle on the other side. Open the gas valve and turn on and press the power button. Once the coil is already hot you can press the trigger to produce the nebulization that will come out through the nozzle of the coil. For each treatment shot you must enter the mouthpiece in the hive.

Each treatment shot should look like white smoke and leave the coil without violence. To obtain a good temperature of the coil, which will give rise to a good quality of the nebulization, it is necessary to act on the trigger of the Fogger, depending on the frequency of the jets. The regulation of the output volume is done by dosing the stroke of the trigger, it is not necessary to fully tighten the trigger. It is preferable to introduce less dosage in the hive per application and repeat a second time than to introduce too large a volume. It is not necessary to wait after each shot, you can go to the next hive.

MAINTENANCE: After each treatment in the apiary do not wait to get home, clean immediately so that the coil does not become clogged and damaged. Clean with de-aromatized petroleum or Vaseline all the circuit, do not leave any treatment inside.


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